Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blog Award!

Good Morning!
My dear blogging friend Selma has bestowed 
the Sunshine Award on me! How sweet is that?

Here are the "rules" girls - but rules or not - enjoy your blog award - you the sunshine in my life and you all make me smile!!

•Pass it on to 6 bloggers

•Put a link to your nominees within your post

•Let your nominees know that you are passing this award along to them by leaving a comment on their blog

•Link to the blog of the person who nominated your for this award

Ok for my 6 bloggers, this will be hard because Selma and I have a lot of friends in common! So I'm gonna do what Sue does..... Here it is, All of my blogging friends bring a smile to my face and totally make my day awesome! So Please ..... feel free to put this on your blog!