Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blog Awards and Humnble Apology!

Good Evening!
This is going to be a bit of a long post! I have a few blog awards I need to get on here!  First I need to apologize to Theresa and Lori for not getting these awards posted!  I totally forgot about them until Dee bestowed me with a sweet award! So here it goes!
 From the amazing talented Theresa:

Thank you so much Theresa for thinking of me! I totally love visiting your blog and am so inspired by your beautiful work! You never cease to amaze me with your creativity! 
Onto the ever fun and friendly  Lori!

Thanks so much Lori! I always enjoy  visiting your blog (0; You are such a versatile and talented lady, always with the most encouraging comments!

Time for sweet Dee Marie~
Thanks Dee! So nice to see your still out there! I really miss seeing your work... always an inspiration! You've totally inherited your Mom's creative talent!

So each one requires to list a few things about yourself! I'm going to combine them and list a few LOL!
  1. I am incredibly independent ! I will usually try to fix something before I would ever think of asking for help!
  2. I've been accused of being  a work- aholic! Not true.... I just don't like to sit much LOL!
  3. I can find humor in almost any situation.... sometimes that's not a good thing!
  4. I can leg press 320lbs and bench press 85! Tells you which end is stronger huh?
  5. I own 2 VW's    1974 super beetle and a 2001 new beetle.... they call me the bug lady! HEHEHE!
I am not very good at passing these along.... they have been around blog land a few times and most of my blogging friend have already received them. I invite anyone of my friends who don't have them to PLEASE fill free to add them to your blog!
Thanks again Theresa, Lori and Dee! May the good Lord bless your socks right off!


MiamiKel said...

Well deserved, my friend! Each and every one of them - your blog is an inspiration to so many! I am LOVING your "getting to know you" - esp the humor part - sounds like me, lol .... two bugs?! Lucky girl! Loved reading about ya, Miss Patti! xoxo

Loz said...

Congrats on the awards Patti. sorry (Ladybug)...LOL..Loz

Lori said...

That's always fun to read that kind of 'stuff'!

Kelly said...

You are so deserving of these awards Patti, I love reading about you and yep...I can see you in each of the statements that you made.