Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blog Awards and Humnble Apology!

I received this awesome award from my dear friend Linda so sorry it took me so long to post!
Now I have some questions to answer:

Q1) Name your favorite colour?  purple
Q2) Name your favorite song? Victory in Jesus
Q3) Name your favorite dessert? oh please...can anything beat cheesecake! (any flavor)
Q4) What annoys you at the moment? drama queens
Q5) Your favorite pet? our current dog, Baxter
Q6) Black or White? white... pure white!
Q7) Your biggest fear? My children or grand kids or hubby going before me.... I wanna be 1st LOL~
Q8) Best Feature? eyes
Q9) Everyday attitude? happy
Q10) What is perfection? does cheesecake count LOL
Q11) Guilty Pleasure? there ya go....cheesecake - wow these questions are easy (-:
Q12) When you're upset you? pray and then~ heeeheeeheeee...cant resist...eat cheesecake!
I left a lot of Linda's answers.... I guess we are a lot alike (0= especially with cheesecake! This has made the rounds so if you don't have it please feel free to take it (0=


Olga said...

congrats, she left it to me too, mine is coming out Thur. I love reading about people

MiamiKel said...

Too sweet, loved your answers! I got this award as well and the day I posted it, it went poof! So I have to try again :) Hugs!

Colleen said...

Love your answers cheesecake is great! I really should try to get mine posted. You are very right it sure makes the rounds fast!

Payne Holler Cards said...

we must be long lost sisters LOL
hugs (-: