Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thanks Olga

Thanks Olga !

Thanks so much Olga ! How wonderful! I just can't believe how nice everyone is out there in cyberspace! Isn't this award just beautiful! I love roses! What woman doesn't! This reward requires you state 5 things you like to do, and pass it onto 5 lucky recipients!
Here goes:
1. I like to spend time with my DH! He works nights and I work days! We have very limited time together! We get along great for that reason!! We cherish every moment!
2. I like my job! I am a hairdresser and people actually pay me to harass them!! My motto at my shop is "We're fun ,friendly,clean & professional! OK fun & friendly, mostly clean, and sometimes professional!" LOL!
3. I really like to play with paper! Blame that on my two sisters! Thanks Terri & Carol!
4. I like (love) to play with my grandkids!
5. I like to drive my bug! Vroom....Vroom!

Now to pass it on!
1. Jenny
2. Connie
3. Kym
4. Laurel
5. Andrea

Thanks again Olga! Your just to kind!!


semonehome said...

Congratulations, Patti and you are most welcome!!! Terri

craftieodamae said...

You are so welcome!...Olga